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Log Home Maintenance Myths | Perma-Chink Systems

In this episode, we're joined by Chris Wood, a seasoned industry expert from Perma-Chink Systems, who brings years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to the table. Dive into an in-depth discussion that shatters common misconceptions and sheds light on the realities of caring for log and timber homes. What You'll Learn: Myth Busting: Discover the top myths about log home maintenance and why they don't hold up against current industry standards. Maintenance Tips & Tricks: Chris shares invaluable advice on maintaining your log or timber home, from the importance of overhangs to the secrets behind stain selection. Design Principles: Learn how well-designed homes contribute to easier maintenance and longer lifespan. Product Innovations: Explore the latest advancements in stains, sealants, and other maintenance products that are changing the game for homeowners. DIY Vs. Professional Care: Unravel the debate between doing it yourself and hiring professionals for maintenance tasks. Chris Wood not only dispels myths but also emphasizes the importance of proper design, effective products, and regular upkeep to ensure your log or timber home remains a durable, beautiful, and sustainable living space.

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