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We're Flexible

Specialty Materials

With 40+ years of experience, Timber Log Design can help source structural timbers, beams, timber millwork, and log and timber frame home packages, precut and delivered,

Miscellaneous Timbers:

Rough sawn sizes from 4x6 up to 12x12 and lengths to 24 feet. Species
include White Pine, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Western Hemlock and Oak.

House logs

Various Textures and Milling:

S4S sized and planed smooth, hand hewn, or antique finishes.

Dovetails 2.jpg

Air Dried and Kiln Dried Oak trim:

1x and 2x thicknesses up to 16” wide and 16’-0” long.

Carpenter Measuring Wood

Special Deal


1x6 x 8'-0" and 10'-0" lengths KD S1S2E starting at $1.39/LF full bundles, or $1.60/LF


1x8 x 8'-0" and 16'-0" lengths KD S1S2E starting at $2.39/LF full bundles or $2.75/LF.


1x12 x 10'-0", 12'-0" and 14'-0" lengths KD S1S2E starting at $5.09/LF full bundles or $5.85/LF.


Sales tax and freight NOT included.   


Call 865-368-5165


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Additional items

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